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We take pride in providing our clients with outstanding quality throughout every part of the consumer process. By investing in state of the art technology for creating and testing our products, Aurora cosmetics can ensure the quality of each of our beauty products.  

Dermatology-tested advance facial serum

Aurora offers you the peace of mind of a luxury product at a fraction of the cost.  Our goal is to provide our clients with an exceptional product at the highest level of quality and precision available for the beauty industry. 


The German ink technology ensures this modern liquid eyeliner to draw a flawless even line with the ultra-thin felt tip. The long lasting ink formula will give you up to 24-hours of precision definition for even the sharpest of cat-eyes. The natural ink formula is 100% free of alcohol and won’t smudge.

24-hour effect


Safe for sensitive skin and eyes

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Complete your makeup look with this bold and kissable lip stain. The “Stain and Deliver” lip stain will deliver a stunning matte finish and give you an effortless application.  The long-lasting formula results in all-day glamour while providing precision definition to your pout.

Effortless touch-ups on the fly

Bold color effects up to 24-hours

All natural food-based pigment dyes

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Chubby Shadow Sticks

Goodbye powder eye shadow! Hello rich & creamy Chubby ShadowStick! This easy-to-blend eye shadow will give the classic shimmer for your youthful glow. You’ll know you’ve made it big after showing off your flawless look from this non-toxic chubby shadow stick!

Waterproof up to 24 hours

Moist on application, dry to leave

Lightweight and easy to blend

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Don’t you wish you had a nail polish which has all the pros of gel polish and regular polish? This is what the GEL EFFECT nail polish does. Gel nailpolish is so convenient and easy to use while it delivers the salon-quality gel manicure without UV-lamp or any professional equipment.

Product Lines

#101 Base Coat

#102 Top Coat

#105 Happy

#106 Baby Pink

#107 Girl Fight

#109 Bermuda Coral

#110 Fuscias

#111 Flaming Red

#112 Alarm Fire

#113 Red Sky At Night

#115 Red Hot Mamma

#116 Glamorous

#117 I Heart Red

#118 Big Night Out

#119 Date Night

#120 Jelly Ban Red

#123 Sticky Sweet

#124 Just Plummy

#125 Let’s Go Blue

#126 Frozen

#127 Lanikai Sea

#128 Los Angeles Smog

#130 Fresh Earth

#131 Oblivion

#132 Psycho Fushia

#133 Dark Love

#134 She Devil

#135 Flat Tire

#135 Inky Dinky

#137 Mightnight Garden

#138 Last Night Black

#139 Blackout Blue

#140 Pitch

#141 Maid Of Honor

#142 Golden Gal

#143 Bridesmaid Dress

#144 Tin Foil

#145 Golden Years

#146 Walk of Fame

#147 New Years Eve

#138 Party On The Nails

#155 Kapuni

#156 Mokolo’i

#157 Maunalua

#158 Ahu O Laka

#159 Pu’uloa

#160 Red Hill

#149 Highlighter

#150 Spring

#151 Safety Orange

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