Symphony Beauty

Our Sustainability

We Care

It’s the commitment to biodiversity, ethics and R&D that Symphony Beauty has been recognized for throughout the years. That means no harsh chemicals, testing on animals, animal bi-products, parabens/sulfates, synthetic fragrances, toxic additives, and much more. Symphony Beauty prides itself on product high-quality, natural, clean beauty products that are also budget friendly for everyone!

Symphony Beauty goes beyond caring for the product formulation process. Being a veteran-owned beauty brand, Symphony Beauty is big on supporting our troops, therefore a percentage of annual sales go out to supporting local veterans and troops in the country because we believe in supporting those who support us!

Love Nature

We create skincare with superfood natural ingredients backed by research for powerful results.

We don't use toxic ingredients

At Purifect, we approach skin care from the inside and out. We believe in natural, clean ingredients with nontoxic formulas and no toxic ingredients.

Protect Animals

We are proudly certified with Leaping Bunny, a label for products that do not harm or kill animals. We are committed to cruelty-free product formulation, testing, and development because animals are not ingredients.

Our Association

Being a proudly owned Veteran-beauty brand, we strongly believe in not only giving back to the ones that support us but help our beloved community to stand strongly and confidently as one by donating a percentage of our annual sales to our troops.


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