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Founded in 2015, the name Purifect represents the essence of the line – pure, natural ingredients for everlasting beautiful skin. With a focus on restoring, enhancing, and protecting the skin, Purifect aims to promote skin health from the inside out.

Let’s face it. Life can be expensive. But why should your skin have to suffer?

It shouldn’t! When you’re looking for products to create effortlessly glowing, hydrated, and restored skin without chemical additives or high price tags, look no further than Purifect. Each of Purifect’s radiant serums, creams, and hair oils targets common skin and beauty needs so that everyone feels their needs are met. At its core, Purifect is dedicated to sourcing its ingredients from nature – no unwanted chemicals, parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, or anything you do not want near your skin. Instead, for under $20, Purifect patrons will notice the difference in their skin with pure, 90% – 100% natural, cruelty-free ingredients.

Our Product Lines

Facial Oil Serum

Healing Tea Tree Facial Oil Serum

A 100% natural antiseptic oil that purifies the skin and prevents blemishes.

Facial Oil Serum

Moisturizing Rosehip Facial Oil Serum

A 100% natural skin rejuvenating oil that tackles visible signs of aging and moisturizes your skin.

Facial Serum

Brightening Vitamin C Facial Serum

A 90% natural blend of Vitamin C that brightens uneven skin tone and stimulates natural collagen production.

Facial Serum

Refreshing Hyaluronic Acid Serum

A 90% natural blend of Hyaluronic Acid that reduces dryness and flaking.

Facial Serum

Anti-Aging Collagen Facial Serum

A 96% natural blend of Collagen that improves skin elasticity and firmness as well as helps retain water in the skin.

Facial Serum

Smoothing Q10 Facial Serum

A 96% natural blend of CoQ10 with advanced strengthening formulation to destress your skin.

Facial Serum

Fortifying Peptide Facial Serum

A 96% natural blend of six types of Peptides to fortify the skin’s barrier and repair damaged and irritated skin.

Facial Serum

Rejuvenating Retinol Facial Serum

A 96% natural blend of Retinol that stimulates collagen production and combats signs of aging by visibly diminishing wrinkles.

Facial Serum

Soothing Lavender Facial Serum

A 96% natural blend of Lavender that reduces redness, soothes, and calms the skin.

Facial Serum

Moisturizing & Healing Shea Butter Facial Serum

A 96% natural blend of Shea Butter is ideal for softening the skin as well as protecting its barrier.

Facial Serum

Plumping Hyaluronic Acid 100 Facial Serum

A 97% natural blend of Hyaluronic Acid 100 that provides long-lasting hydration by creating a supple veil of moisture to help plump the skin.

Facial Serum

Exfoliating & Glowing Glycolic Acid Facial Serum

A 95% natural blend of Glycolic Acid is highly effective in sloughing away rough and bumpy skin texture, leaving your skin glowing with radiance.

Facial Serum

Softening Vitamin E Facial Serum

A 93% natural blend of Vitamin E penetrates the skin cells to provide lasting hydration and protect the moisture barrier.

Facial Serum

Retexturizing Multi-Vitamin Facial Serum

This 93% natural Multi-Vitamin Facial Serum is formulated to provide optimally effective concentration of all four vitamins – B, C, E, and K – for truly healthy skin.

Facial Cream

Anti-Aging Vitamin A Moisturizing Cream – Retinol

A 93% natural anti-aging moisturizing cream that combats signs of aging and instantly hydrates the skin by delivering moisture to the skin cells.

Facial Cream

Radiance-Boosting Vitamin C Brightening Cream

A 93% natural brightening cream that promotes even skin tone by reducing the appearance of discolorations such as age spots and sunspots.

Facial Cream

Advanced Restoring Vitamin E Nourishing Cream

A 93% natural nourishing cream that is packed with nutrition that improves the appearance of dehydrated and damaged skin.

Facial Cream

Wrinkle Correction Collagen Ultra Booster Cream

A 93% natural booster cream that is designed to aid in maintaining and achieving supple and rejuvenated skin.

Facial Cream

Instant Hydration Moisture Enriching Cream – Hyaluronic Acid

A 93% natural moisture enhancing cream that is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, known for its effectiveness as a moisturizer due to its ability to bind with and retain water.

Facial Oil Serum

#Purifect Cool Calm Clear Tea Tree Facial Oil Serum

A limited-edition design of our 100% natural tea tree facial oil serum that helps calm redness and inflammation as well as purify the skin.

Facial Serum

#Purifect Bright Vibes Only Vitamin C Facial Serum

A limited-edition design for our 90% natural vitamin c serum that brightens your skin and evens out sunspots.

Facial Serum

#Purifect Smoother Than Butter Shea Butter Facial Serum

A limited-edition design of our shea butter facial serum that protects your skin barrier against the lost of moisture.

Facial Serum

#Purifect CEO of H2O Hyaluronic Acid 100 Facial Serum

A limited-edition design of our hyaluronic acid 100 serum that hydrates and moisturizes your skin. It also aids in increasing resilience and smoothening skin texture.

Facial Serum

#Purifect Good 4 Skin Multi-Vitamin Facial Serum

A limited-edition design of our 93% natural multi-vitamin facial serum that is loaded with glow-giving nutrients such as vitamin b, c, e, and k to give your skin the glow it needs.

Hair Products

100% Natural Hair Growth Serum

A 100% natural hair growth serum that contains natural botanical oils to support and condition your beautiful hair for growth, thickness, and strength.

Hair Products

100% Natural Beard Oil

A 100% natural beard oil that aims to promote growth and strength for your beard while simultaneously eliminate the itch and nourish the skin underneath.

Let Us Work So You Don’t Have to!

We aim to promote skin health from the inside out with our selection of natural, vegan and cruelty-free essentials that can be found online and in over 6,500 stores nationwide. From rejuvenating facial creams to 100% natural hair growth oils and serums, our consciously sourced products are made for everlasting beautiful skin without the limiting price tags.

Our Other Brands

Symphony Beauty carries three natural skincare brands. We are renowned for sourcing sustainable, cruelty-free, and clinically proven ingredients for our products.

Clara’s New York

Founded in 2018, Clara’s New York is all about creating clinical-grade formulations, made specifically for healthy glowing skin.

True Nature Skincare

Where nature meets science – True Nature Skincare makes spa-quality face serums tailored to individual’s needs more accessible than ever.